Why Use Sustainable, Recycled and Organic Fabric ?



Synthetic Fibers are the most popular fibers in the world. The majority of the worlds plastics (about 60%) are used to make textiles-compared to only about 30% which are used in the production of bottles. So does that means there is actually more plastic used in the manufacturing of clothes then in plastic bottles? Yes! yes it does.

Why Use Recycled Fabric? It lessons our dependence on petroleum as a source of raw material. It curbs discard, thereby prolonging the life of landfills. It reduces toxic emissions. It helps to promote new recycling for clothing no longer wearable. It uses less air, and less water in manufacturing, and it allows for less soil contamination.

Why use Organic Bamboo and Organic Cotton Fabric? Bamboo and Cotton are natural fibers, derived from plant material which means it decomposes quickly. Naturally breathable, organic fibers absorb moisture. They are hypoallergenic, and the anti-bacterial properties prevent odor build-up. Natural fibers wick away moisture, are naturally UV protected and they are soft and comfortable.

Through researching the Oohla Active organic active wear line, I have quickly learned there is no quick fix when it comes to environmentally savvy, safe textiles. All Synthetic and Natural fibers have their environmental up and downs. The best way to stay truly green…wear clothes for a longer time. Recycle clothes that no longer fit, repair damaged clothes for longer wear. Little steps can go a long way. Together We Can Make A Difference.