The “SKINNY” on Big Hair


Although most of us have migrated away from the 80’s big hair days-many of us still use hair spray . In the Dance and Competition World it is a necessity- so how do we stay safe and protected from potential health hazards found in common commercial hair  products?

-Any Product that is supplied in an aerosol container requires a secondary set of chemicals known as propellants. In many cases these chemicals contribute to a slew of respiratory conditions. According to the EPA, the VOC content (chemicals)  found in indoor quality tests is 3-4 times higher than if propellants are sprayed outside. This test would lead me to believe a commercial, aerosol hair spray should never be applied in a crowded dressing room. What do you think?

What is in our commercial hair spray that we should stay away from ?

1. Phthletes- Environmental Toxins that have recently been banned from use in toys and baby care products- but are still allowed in many commercial skin, hair and beauty care essentials.

2. Formaldehyde -“SUSPECTED” carcinogen, an environmental toxin.

3. Propylene glycol The “Safe” Anti-freeze- Used To improve freeze-thaw stabilization of emulsions.

4. Isobutane and Propane- this is my favorite 🙂 -The CIR Cosmetic Ingredient Review found “butane safe for use in beauty care products as long as used in WELL ventilated areas and not inhaled.- I would find this very reassuring if I were a hair dresser!

5 Artificial colors and fragrances- The use of synthetic chemicals should always be avoided in skin and hair products.

At Oohla, We have developed a Natural, Organic Hair Spray that won’t break the bank. Compared to 30.00-40.00 organic hairsprays-our Organic Alternative is Super- Hold and  for 16.00 it is a must have for studio, stage or a night on the town!

-At Oohla we say “Opt for  Natural -Non-Toxic Hair Products whenever possible-The Organic Revolution is Coming…Together We Can Make a Difference!”