Is There More Plastic In The Ocean Than Fish?




According to the World Economic Forum, discarded plastic will outweigh fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. The report states that 32% of plastic packaging escapes waste collection systems, getting into waterways and eventually depositing into oceans. Since 1964, global plastic production has increased 20 FOLD- over 300 million tons of plastic products were produced in 2014 alone. This production is expected to triple again by 2050.

Sadly, over 80% of plastic packaging is used just once, meaning more plastic is wasted, more production is warranted, more oil consumption and more carbon emissions.

So whats the big deal, Scientists have studied the affects on seabird species and marine life and concluded over 90% consume plastic. Plastic bags, release toxins that spread throughout the marine food chain and perhaps eventually all the way to our dinner tables.

These trillions of beads, fibers and fragments cloud the waters and coat the sea floor. This report urges plastic producers to step up and address the problem by developing products that are reusable and easily recycled.

At oohla, we are passionate about the use of recycled plastic- We are working on the construction of a sports bra made from recycled plastic bottles!

We are also working on a revolutionary package for our deodorant made out of recycled paper!
Completely biodegradable -even compostable!

After your deodorant is finished you can plant the package in your garden!!!

The organic revolution is coming…Together we can make a difference!!

The next time you reach for a plastic water bottle- fill a glass instead 🙂