DO! Sweat The Small Stuff


The Antiperspirant Debate

As I started my initial focus group for our Oohla Organics Natural Deodorant, one question kept presenting itself. From that, I thought I would share my thoughts. I would like to make it clear from the get-go I adamantly oppose the use of antiperspirants by anyone (especially women, and most certainly teens), so I am completely bias on the subject.

The American Cancer Society disputes the claim that antiperspirants are unsafe. In fact, I recently came across this quote, “there is absolutely no scientific evidence that antiperspirants cause or even increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer” (ACS).

Ok, so here is my question: If cell mutation of the breast tissue is a known risk factor for breast cancer and antiperspirant and deodorants that contain aluminum and parabens are known to cause cell mutation, how can we deduce there is no possible link?

Let us also take into account that today’s American modern female shaves under her arms. Shaving causes minor cuts and abrasions which allow the chemical compounds to be absorbed more readily into the bloodstream. Could this be another reason for the increased diagnosis of breast cancer? I don’t know, but I am not willing to take the risk. Here are my thoughts on the dangers of antiperspirants. Now you can make your own decision.

The human body has few areas that allow the release of toxins, dirt, chemicals, germs etc. We release sweat behind the knees, behind the ears, around the groin and under the arms. Similar to when high fevers break, releasing toxins and germs, sweat glands release toxins and chemicals daily that build up in our body to help maintain a healthy overall balance.

Antiperspirants, as the name suggests, prevents sweating. If we can not sweat out toxins in the armpits, where do they go? They do not magically disappear but instead become absorbed back into the body. They deposit into the lymph nodes, and as we know, a high concentration of toxic chemicals in the lymph nodes can lead to cell mutation. Cell mutation in the fine, thin breast tissue under the arms and especially in the lymph nodes is a known concern for many health risks, including, but not limited to cancer.

How does antiperspirant work? In simple terms, it is usually an aluminum base gel that creates a “plug” reducing the amount of sweat that is secreted to the skin surface. Antiperspirants  are known to contain aluminum, parabens and aerosol. Forms of antiperspirants contain butane,isobutane and sometimes propane. (propane?? YES! propane under the arm?? hmmm…)

I think the most important question is as follows: Do you realize it is NOT the sweat that smells but the bacterial in the sweat that smells? If you have a buildup of bacteria do you really want to block it from escaping the body day after day after day?  Wouldn’t you rather release it?

If this hasn’t convinced you, and you still have antiperspirant in your house, do me a favor and check the ingredient list.  As with many food labels, if you can’t pronounce it chances are it’s not good for you. I would be very interested to see after full investigation of the ingredients in your antiperspirant, and a simple google search, if the product would remain in your toiletry bag.

So, the answer to the original focus group question is yes: If you choose Oohla Active Organics All Natural Deodorant, you will sweat. OAO Deodorant will work hard to fight the bacteria and keep you smelling clean and fresh throughout the day but it will not block or inhibit the release of toxins or chemicals. I say, take pride in your sweat! Your sweat means you work hard and means you play hard- isn’t there honor in that!

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