Is Your Preschool Child Ready For Dance?

All children reap the cognitive and  emotional benefits of interacting with other children.The right social environment will help children develop stronger language skills, nurture creativity, social intelligence and confidence. Learning to work with others, developing communication skills, understanding social cues and building friendships are just some of the advantages of an  NEDA early childhood dance […]

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Free Shipping Through 6-1-16

Free shipping through 6-1-16. The Best All Natural Deodorant For The Active Person! Made with the finest Organic Ingredients! AND IT WORKS! choose local pickup at checkout and they will ship out same day NO SHIPPING CHARGE!  Warm-Citrus-Vanilla, Lovely Lavender and Lemon-Peppermint-also comes in Biodegradable, Compostable, Recycled Packaging! when Your Done with the Deodorant […]

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Reducing The Risk Of Melanoma Skin Cancer

May is Melanoma Awareness Month!   Although no scientific documentation for the exact cause of Melanoma Skin Cancer is known, the correlation between over exposer to sun and Melanoma skin cancer has become  accepted in the research community. Being from New England, I wait patiently for the summer months! I was disheartened to read states […]

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The “SKINNY” on Big Hair

Although most of us have migrated away from the 80’s big hair days-many of us still use hair spray . In the Dance and Competition World it is a necessity- so how do we stay safe and protected from potential health hazards found in common commercial hair  products? -Any Product that is supplied in an […]

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Where Have All The Children Gone?

Where Have All THe Children Gone? April marks the start of spring, What does that mean for our neighborhood parks and playgrounds? Probably not much! What has contributed to the demise of kids playing outside? Is it cable TV? Is It Video Games? Is it the computer and internet? Is it fear for their safety? […]

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DO! Sweat The Small Stuff

The Antiperspirant Debate As I started my initial focus group for our Oohla Organics Natural Deodorant, one question kept presenting itself. From that, I thought I would share my thoughts. I would like to make it clear from the get-go I adamantly oppose the use of antiperspirants by anyone (especially women, and most certainly teens), […]

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