You Are!

Did you know the average female can ingest over 4 pounds of lipstick in a lifetime! In other words “you are eating your lipstick”!

The use of chemicals in cosmetics is restricted in Europe (considered a “high hazard”) but the same restrictions are not placed on many popular cosmetics sold in the US- WHY? Synthetic dyes, aluminum, lead, and coal tar are just some ingredients easily found in popular over the counter beauty products-


“Kiss The Chemicals Goodbye”

All Natural  Lipstick
2 Amazing Shades

“Girl On Fire” (RED)   “Razzle DazzleBerry” (Pink)
No Parabens, No Petrochemicals, No Phthaletes, No Synthetic Colors, No Synthetic Fragrances.

15 John L Dietsch Blvd North Attleboro, Ma 02760 (entrance around the back)