Are Cell Phones Contributing to ” SUPER” Lice ?


I recently read an article about a woman who’s family battled head lice more than ten times is a one year period. She was quoted as saying it was the “worse thing her family had ever gone through”. At first i thought she must have had a very charmed life if head lice was the “worst thing”, but the more I read, the more upsetting the article became.

Head lice are not dangerous, they don’t hurt us, and yet the thought of them gives us the “hibbie jibbies”.  Just writing this post is making me itchy! No one wants to deal with stripping beds and pillow cases, throwing away beloved stuffed animals, fumigating the  house, and chopping off long locks of hair.

More upsetting then the fumigating, is the treatment. The normal protocol for treating head lice is bathing our kids in harmful, toxic, chemicals.. These over the counter shampoos contain the equivalent of “RAID” and to add insult to injury… these harmful, chemical, toxic shampoos- no longer work! These lice, “super” lice have built up an immunity !

Thankfully, I don’t have first hand experience, but I always thought if I  had, I would only consider the all natural treatment. Wrapping the head in olive oil and saran wrap,( I think I saw that on an “Arthur” episode).  But come to find out- head lice can “hold their breath” for up to 6 hours” So “suffocating” them  is not a viable option and if just one egg or nit is left behind-they re- populate all over again.

So now what? Prevent the lice from coming home in the first place!

Use all Natural Hair Products- Natural Shampoos, Hair sprays and hair gels work as lice repellents. At Oohla we have created a line of hair sprays and hair gels that contain all natural, organic essential oils. Natural oils work as lice repellents! I have also read good reviews about Fairy Tale Hair Care Shampoos that contain Rosemary.

1.Natural products that your family can use everyday are first prevention.

2. Stay away from the “Selfies” !. Kids of all ages are obsessed with the cell phone selfie! Lice can’t hop, jump or fly but they can crawl from head to head. Heads together is the trademark of a “Selfie” I would encourage my child to stay clear!!

3. Don’t share personal items. No sharing of hats, scarfs, brushes, or combs.

4. Check your child’s head periodically.  Check warm areas- behind the ears and behind the neck at the base of the hair line.

…and if all else fails- choose LICE PICKERS !! Lice pickers have been popping up in communities across America. In my opinion the very best  (non toxic) way to rid the head of every last nit and egg!

I hope you never have to deal with the “super” lice epidemic -but if it happens- no worries- remember lice don’t hurt your child – so the treatment shouldn’t hurt them either!

Good Luck!